“The Escone team brought an invaluable insight into our business that highlighted our competition that formed a comparable to identifying several opportunities for business improvement. Escone supported our business to develop a consistent approach when capturing business requirements, which focused on principles that effectively delivered best value through stakeholder management, collaboration and risk control.

I can highly recommend the entire Escone team, they all bring insight to a business environment where everyone can participate, learn and share their knowledge and experience. “

Christopher Lee, Systems Development Manager, FTS

The Problem

First Travel Solutions (FTS) were dealt a blow when their single source of product knowledge for their GTI system announced that they were leaving the business.

The GTI system is a vital tool used by FTS to run their business and coordinate jobs for their large customer and supplier base.

FTS had to quickly identify a way of closing the knowledge gap as quickly as possible and reduce the potential risk to their business.

First Travel Solutions example

Our Solution

We performed an analysis of the current GTI system and documented the current capabilities, licensing, on-going development and known issues with FTS’ bespoke system.

Following this analysis, FTS and Escone agreed that although there was room for improvement, there were more than enough positive and effective areas of the system that could be built upon with a strategic product road map.

The team worked closely with Chris Lee, System Development Manager and the Product Developer to analysis, specify, test and deliver improved functionality that has allowed FTS to build close system links with their customers and suppliers based across the UK.

We are now working closely with the business to bring in more control around change management and the processes involved in fixing and introducing new functionality. Due to the nature of the FTS business, these controls have to be flexible enough to prevent extended down time for their 24 / 7 business but must still ensure that tasks are completed and signed off before being released into their live environment.

Clients Results

The analysis of the GTI system allowed First Travel Solutions to understand how the success of the business relied on the technical abilities of their systems.

Even though the system had the capability to operate and maintain one of the most advanced passenger disruption systems in the UK. The analysis enabled the business to formulate a business strategy that future proofed their business from challenges. A future where First Travel Solutions acknowledged that they must progressively develop their systems to exploit new opportunities and innovate for a future with increased possibilities.

By linking in with their own driver tracking app as well as 3rd parties such as iCabbi and Autocab, FTS now have a visual live tracking map of all the work that they are carrying out through out the UK at one time. This visual is also available to their clients via their portals giving them real time information of their staff movements.

Overarching benefits.

Increased Efficiency

Reduced Downtime

Robust System

Experience where it counts.

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